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About Us

La Tonique Juicery products are inspired by our belief that human beings function optimally when our body is fed with natural, undiluted, and raw foods including vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, fruits, seeds, roots, and nuts. Knowing how hard to fit these micro-nutrients in our daily life, La Tonique masterfully blends and combines ingredients to produce products that are fortified with healing and invigorating effects.

At La Tonique Juicery we never sacrifice quality for quantity. We pride ourselves in producing delightful tasty juice, superfood infused smoothies and high vibrational foods made from exclusively organic goods. We think nature is phenomenal: at our disposal – simple, clean and elegant foods from the earth… We at La Tonique simply add the love.

We strongly believe what “what you eat fuels how you think, what you think reflects in your attitude, and your attitude reflects in how you love, work and play.” By grounding your diet in the elegant simplicity of plant-based foods and vibrant cold-pressed juice, you can’t help but glow!
We invite you to visit us for the best mindfully and finely crafted juices in Georgia.


Our Team

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Mark Jance


Aviana Plummer


Braydon Wilkerson


Kristin Watson


The 5% “Do Unto Others” Initiative

Community Vote, We Give

2% of profit goes to community voted charity during Christmas every year

Owner’s Initiative – One Family at Time

1% of profit goes to identified “Hurricane Victims”

You Spend, We Give Subscriber program

1% of each subscriber’s total spending in our store goes to their identified charity in their name at the end of the year

Family Christmas Wish

1% of profit goes to identified struggling families during Christmas

Our Commitment

We do it for you with love


We are committed to healing with our products.


We are committed to quality over quantity


We are committed to using the finest herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds grown locally. If we cannot find locally grown products, we source our products from reputable suppliers who are committed to the same philosophy.


We are committed to never add – artificial sugar, additives, preservatives, artificial colors, fillers or sweeteners and we will not HPP or pasteurization procedures

We do it for you for with love

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Design & development process demonstration

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